BIOS140 iLab 5 Mitosis Worksheet Answer

BIOS140 iLab #5: Mitosis Worksheet

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Complete the following questions and submit your report. This document contains 3 pages. The total lab is worth 25 points.

Step 1: Watch the following link to familiarize yourself with events happening during mitosis and meiosis. Copy the link into your browser to open it.

Step 2: Complete the following assignment.

1.    What are the three functions of mitosis?

1.    Choose the correct stage of mitotic phase for the following phrases.

a.    Nuclear membrane broken into fragments

b.    Nuclear membrane reappears

c.     Cleavage furrow forms

d.    Chromosomes align at the equator

e.    Chromosomes condense

f.      Spindle fibers start forming

g.    Spindle fibers disappear

h.    Sister chromatids move towards opposite poles


1.    Compare mitosis and meiosis by writing a brief description of events happening at each stage.