Let’s talk about the performance review Nick received from Warren. Would you accept the review if you were Nick? What would you want to be different and why Answer

Let’s talk about the performance review Nick received from Warren. Would you accept the review if you were Nick? What would you want to be different and why?


Warren used a performance appraisal system primarily based on casual observation and impressions rather than on hard performance criteria using both subjective and objective criteria’s. Warren should have reviewed all aspects of Nick’s performance over the past year so that he was aware of areas where Nick was doing well and areas where he needs to improve. It would have been very helpful if Warren had written a list of issues he wanted to discuss with Nick in order to add structure to the interview. He could also have included some concrete examples of areas where Nick was doing well and areas where he needs to improve. Warren should have identified specific areas for improvement accompanied by a set of goals and a timeline for meeting them. This approach would have given Nick a correct assessment of his abilities and areas needing for improvement. A good supervisor will give feedback all along and help an employee develop along the way.

Nick should not accept the review, because that review did give accurate information regarding his performance. If I were Nick I would have asked what could I make improvements on. Warren didn’t provide any feedback. Nick knew before going into the meeting that he had not performed to the best of his ability. He admitted to Gail that he would sometimes ignore work issues due to being bored and preoccupied with something else. Warren should have had work documents that Nick had done within the past year to show him what he was good at and the areas that needed improvement. Nick will not be able to improve because he doesn’t know where he needs improvement. Warren is not an effective manager and is definitely not setting the company up for growth by allowing employees to think they are succeeding.

There’s nothing worse than being evaluated by a supervisor who doesn’t actually observe your work. A slack performance review is not doing anyone any favors. As long as the supervisor is good at giving constructive criticism, and the employee is accepting of this criticism, then improvements can be made. Any manager appreciates when an employee listens to their recommendations and tries to improve. Even if the improvement doesn’t go as far as the manager was hoping for, it shows that the employee is taking the job seriously and trying to do better. During the review process warren didn’t have an outlined for the peer review process. Warren should have been prepared with some notes on what things were accomplished by nick as well as what has not been completed. He also needed to point out areas where he did well and areas that he could have been doing better. List the areas where he needed improvement as well as to focus on, added with some deadlines. Warren should have given Nick an outline of what he needs to work on before the next review.


To be completely honest if I was in Nick’s position I would accept the performance appraisal without any hesitation. The biggest thing that was missing in this example of an performance review was a formal structure process so everyone knows what to expect. Feedback with regards to performance should be a continual conversation between supervisor and subordinates to ensure everyone working together. I would have like to see Warren address his concerns with Nick performance in a Mid-year review outlining a list of things that needed improvement and some target goals. A lot can happen in a year so it is important to record your own individual success,accomplishments or any challenges in preparation for a performance review. After watching the video of Nicks’ review I would have to think that Warren is either really bad at business, is bias to Nick and has shown some favoritism ( we have not seen anyone else’s review), or simply doesn’t know how to appropriately discipline his employee for making huge mistakes. Nick didn’t just come in late too many times, he let the server crash, that is big and not only once but twice that the video speaks of. I would suggest Warren go to a class on management and learn some new techniques to manage all his employees.

There were two issues in this situation. Warren was not honest or ethical with Nick in his evaluation. Warren presented Nick with a halo evaluation because he did not want to risk having Nick become upset with him. This showed weakness on Warren’s part as a manager. I agree with my classmates there was no structure within the evaluation to give Nick a true evaluation of his job skills which was not fair to Nick or his fellow employees. Nick accepted the evaluation with pleasure, but true fully knew that he was undeserving of a review of that nature. I feel Nick should have spoke up indicating he had not performed his best this past year but he would put forth an effort to be more diligent going forward. Instead Warren handed Nick a license to be non productive for another year by agreeing with his performance. Warren should have given Nick a more detailed review explaining his strengthens as well as weakness. Without this information Nick won’t be able to make improvements. Nick also should have asked questions because without Warren explaining and Nick not asking any questions that gives off the impression that he accepts and understands everything.

Researchers have long known that any successful team is focused on performance. The team has a well-defined set of goals and agreed-upon methods for achieving them. What’s more, members hold one another accountable for the performance of the whole group. These characteristics distinguish a true team from a conventional department.

First of all that was a poorly given review. I have not been given many in my life but that is not at all how they should be given. Warren gave absolutely no feedback and even continued to joke with Nick when it was not a joking matter. Warren should have been completely honest with Nick to make sure he was given the chance to fix those things he is not doing appropriately. He should be given a chance to fix things but should be placed on a probationary time to get them fixed or he would have to be let go. Nick is so distracted at work and very unorganized and like he said he made some big mistakes. I would have asked questions if I was Nick knowing I had made such mistakes. I also would want to know what the numbers were based on and the scale in which was being measured. The way Warren gave the review you could tell he wanted to tell Nick like it is but did not want to hurt his feelings. This is a huge problem in that it is important to have productive employees working for a company to succeed and if they are not carrying out their job duties fully then they should be terminated and new individuals hired who are willing to get the job done and done right.