Main ideas of the annual report and an explanation of how you might present these ideas to stakeholders Answer

ACC 230 Week 8 Presentation to Stakeholders Answer


Assignment: Presenting to Stakeholders

Resource:pp. 192-193 (Ch. 6) of Understanding Financial Statements

Read the scenario in Problem 6.9 on p. 234 (Ch. 6).

Compose a 350- to 500-word response that includes a paragraph about the main ideas of the annual report and an explanation of how you might present these ideas to stakeholders.

Refer to the questions in the Objectives of Analysis section on pp. 192-193 (Ch. 6) for guidance on tailoring ideas to present to stakeholders.


R.E.C’s accounting meeting with the Accountants, the CEO, Director of Investment Relations and Marketing and Art Department representatives is going to help design the annual report for the company through reviewing financial reports for 2007. There are an amount of ideas that can be looked at when working toward putting together R.E.C.’s annual financial report. The main idea should be about how the company did, why they did that good along with what areas within the company made things look that good. This would be presented by talking about quarterly totals, changes in quarters, what areas had made improvements in the company, what areas have gone downhill in the company and information about how the company did so well within the areas that they did well in and why they didn’t do well in others along with what changes can happen in the troublesome areas. This would be so that the CEO has a better understanding of how is company has done and an explanation as to what he and /or she has been seeing on paper. Another main idea would be an outlook on the investors’ behalf, something talking about how the company’s performance record is, what the investors should expect to see in the future and how their capital structure and competitive position are within their said industry. This would be presented as talking about some of the financial statements and where the company stands financially and if they should make any changes to how they are handling their debt and things of this nature. Ensure that no mistakes have been made in areas of the financial statements and be sure to make sure they understand where the downfalls were and where the company pulled through after minor changes to ensure that things were looking up. Also, be sure that marketing and art take notes as to if they need to work toward advancing how they are doing things depending on how the company is doing and what changes they decide to make. The annual report should be presentable and cover all areas of finances that any and all stakeholders and shareholders may have about the company and where things have been going within the last year. All stakeholders and shareholders will have a solid understanding of the company by the end of the annual report with all of these areas being covered.